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I have read and re read the different e books when I need inspiration to do my work out. By the time I am 2 paragraphs in (to Female Fat Loss Over 40), I am ready to get my work out clothes on and go for it. I really enjoy the challenging work outs and the audio book with the different timing intervals makes it easy!! I am really enjoying your program, particularly these 2 months which are especially busy for me. I can’t always make it to Boot camp but I feel so much better when I exercise. It’s great to have the option of doing a challenging workout at home. I am looking forward to taking your program on my next vacation. Thanks!!

Becky M
Hey Shawna, I bought the FFLO about a month ago and have finally started using it on Tuesday. I quit waiting for Monday to start it. It's just been 3 days but I can already tell that it is working. I sleep better and want to eat better so that I'll see results. How can I mess up with menus and workouts spelled out for me? I know what I need to do and have worked with trainers over the years to know that your program will work. For me it has just been a matter of getting started. I gained 15 lbs over the winter and need to get it off. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with Type 2 diabetes so exercise is a key part of my health. I love to walk / run but I know that with the interval training I will not only see the results I want on my body but my blood sugar will be where it needs to be. The interval training is a great workout for me in the morning. Then in the evenings I can walk for stress relief and to just relax. I saw myself in your message yesterday about the woman who still tries to walk everyday for 2 hours - who has time for that? I enjoy your blogs and am glad that I found you on Facebook! To good health!

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Vinegar: More Than Salad Dressing

A few of the countless health benefits offered by apple cider vinegar.

Chances are you have a jar of it sitting in your kitchen cabinets. It may be smelly and taste nasty, but it may be time to make apple cider vinegar (ACV) your new best friend. Filled with beneficial bacteria, proteins, and raw enzymes, apple cider vinegar has an array of health benefit claims that you can easily find with a quick online search. While many of them aren’t proven by science, people swear by the effects of apple cider vinegar. So you may just have to see for yourself.

If you choose to drink a small amount each day, it’s a good idea to dilute it in water, tea, or juice because of its acidity. Add a bit of honey to improve the taste.

Stop Hiccoughs

Hate the feeling of hiccoughs and can’t seem to make them go away? Drink a teaspoon of ACV and breathe easy again. Why does this happen? Perhaps the strong taste of the vinegar calms the nerves in your throat that cause hiccoughs.

Treat Dandruff

Dandruff can be itchy and embarrassing. Instead of trying every dandruff shampoo out there until you find a remedy, try applying a little ACV. Its acidity may kill the fungus that’s causing the dandruff. After shampooing, spray a solution of half water and half ACV on your hair and scalp. Let it soak for 15 minutes, then rinse. Try this a couple times a week for two weeks and see if you notice an improvement.

Relieve Digestive Problems

Deal with constipation, bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, or upset stomach? You may want to drink a tablespoon of ACV each day before a meal. The powerful enzymes, acidity, and good bacteria work wonders on the health of your digestive system.

Control Blood Sugar

Pre-diabetics and diabetics struggling to balance their blood sugar levels may benefit from ACV. Drinking a couple tablespoons of ACV mixed with water before bed may lead to lower blood sugar levels in the morning. The anti-glycemic effect of apple cider vinegar may be the reason.

Soothe Sore Throat

Tired of sucking throat lozenges or taking cold medicines? Relieve your sore throat with a tonic of ACV mixed with warm water, honey, and cayenne pepper. You can drink it or just gargle. The antibacterial and acidic nature of ACV will relieve a sore throat infection.

Clear Skin

Looking for an all-natural, yet effective way to achieve great-looking skin? Try using apple cider vinegar as an astringent, toner, and anti-aging remedy. Its acidity and antibacterial properties absorb oils, reduce lines, even skin tones, and protect from damage. With a washcloth, apply diluted ACV to your trouble spots and leave on overnight.

Aids in Weight Loss

Who doesn’t need an extra boost in their weight loss efforts? Add a couple teaspoons of ACV to a glass of water to sip on throughout the day. The acids found in the potent liquid may increase metabolism, suppress appetite, increase satiety, and reduce water retention.

Whiten Teeth and Freshen Breath

Anyone who wants whiter teeth without using bleaches or expensive treatments should try using ACV. Occasionally rub a little on your teeth and rinse your mouth with water or, because the harsh acids may weaken teeth, swish around a teaspoon of ACV diluted in water followed by a good rinse.

Bad breath is often the result of odor-causing bacteria in your mouth. Gargle or swish around water mixed with a teaspoon of ACV and see if it doesn’t freshen things up a bit.

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