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I have read and re read the different e books when I need inspiration to do my work out. By the time I am 2 paragraphs in (to Female Fat Loss Over 40), I am ready to get my work out clothes on and go for it. I really enjoy the challenging work outs and the audio book with the different timing intervals makes it easy!! I am really enjoying your program, particularly these 2 months which are especially busy for me. I can’t always make it to Boot camp but I feel so much better when I exercise. It’s great to have the option of doing a challenging workout at home. I am looking forward to taking your program on my next vacation. Thanks!!

Becky M
Hey Shawna, I bought the FFLO about a month ago and have finally started using it on Tuesday. I quit waiting for Monday to start it. It's just been 3 days but I can already tell that it is working. I sleep better and want to eat better so that I'll see results. How can I mess up with menus and workouts spelled out for me? I know what I need to do and have worked with trainers over the years to know that your program will work. For me it has just been a matter of getting started. I gained 15 lbs over the winter and need to get it off. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with Type 2 diabetes so exercise is a key part of my health. I love to walk / run but I know that with the interval training I will not only see the results I want on my body but my blood sugar will be where it needs to be. The interval training is a great workout for me in the morning. Then in the evenings I can walk for stress relief and to just relax. I saw myself in your message yesterday about the woman who still tries to walk everyday for 2 hours - who has time for that? I enjoy your blogs and am glad that I found you on Facebook! To good health!

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Doctor Appointment Know-How

Make the most of your doctor visit with these tips.

Whether it’s a routine appointment or a problem visit, you only have a short time with your doctor. Physicians have full schedules and a limited amount of time to spend with each patient. This means you’ve got to be prepared to make the most of your visit. Otherwise, you’ll leave with more questions than answers.

By being prepared for your appointment, you can change that. Instead of leaving confused, you can walk out of your doctor’s office with your questions answered and your concerns addressed. You’ll remember what the doctor said and have a complete understanding of your treatment plan.

If this sounds like a dream come true, use these tips to make it happen, whether you’re visiting your doctor in-person or online.

Make Lists

In the days leading up to your appointment, make a list of questions you want to ask the doctor. When you’re at an appointment it’s easy to get nervous and forget your questions. A list is the best way to make sure this doesn’t happen. Write the questions in order of importance. There may be three or four that you need answers to most. If time allows, ask the rest of them.

You should also come to your appointment with a list of your current medications and their dosage. This is especially important if you take more than one medication or your medications have long, hard-to-pronounce names. Be sure your list includes supplements, vitamins, and herbs that you take.

Jot down any changes to your personal medical history or your family medical history to share with the doctor. Both of these play an important role in your preventative care.

Be on Time

Your time is valuable and so is your doctor’s. If you’re late to your appointment, the office may make you reschedule. Make an effort to be on time or a few minutes early to fill out any necessary paperwork.

Using telehealth? Log in several minutes early for your first appointment. Arriving late may make you feel flustered or stressed when you see the doctor. Logging in lets you check to make sure your speaker and video camera are working and makes you feel more comfortable and prepared.

Take Notes

It’s easy to leave the doctor’s office and immediately forget what the doctor said. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, take a notepad and write down the instructions your doctor gives and the answers to your questions. If you don’t write notes during the visit, write things down as soon as you leave the appointment before you forget. For important doctor visits, take a family member or friend along who can write notes and help remember what the doctor said. Want to make sure you remember every word? Ask your physician if it’s okay to record your visit.

Get Clarification

If you don’t understand what the doctor says during the appointment, don’t expect to understand it when you leave the appointment. As your doctor gives explanations or instructions, ask for further clarification if necessary. Repeat back what you hear to ensure you understand. Confused when you get home? Call your doctor immediately to clear things up.

Be Honest

In order to provide the best care, your doctor must know the truth about your health. It’s not in your best interest to hide things or say what you think the doctor wants to hear. Certain medical conditions are embarrassing to talk about, but your doctor has heard and seen it all. Without knowing all of the embarrassing details, your doctor can’t provide a proper diagnosis or treatment. So honesty is the best policy at a doctor’s appointment.

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