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I have read and re read the different e books when I need inspiration to do my work out. By the time I am 2 paragraphs in (to Female Fat Loss Over 40), I am ready to get my work out clothes on and go for it. I really enjoy the challenging work outs and the audio book with the different timing intervals makes it easy!! I am really enjoying your program, particularly these 2 months which are especially busy for me. I can’t always make it to Boot camp but I feel so much better when I exercise. It’s great to have the option of doing a challenging workout at home. I am looking forward to taking your program on my next vacation. Thanks!!

Becky M
Hey Shawna, I bought the FFLO about a month ago and have finally started using it on Tuesday. I quit waiting for Monday to start it. It's just been 3 days but I can already tell that it is working. I sleep better and want to eat better so that I'll see results. How can I mess up with menus and workouts spelled out for me? I know what I need to do and have worked with trainers over the years to know that your program will work. For me it has just been a matter of getting started. I gained 15 lbs over the winter and need to get it off. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with Type 2 diabetes so exercise is a key part of my health. I love to walk / run but I know that with the interval training I will not only see the results I want on my body but my blood sugar will be where it needs to be. The interval training is a great workout for me in the morning. Then in the evenings I can walk for stress relief and to just relax. I saw myself in your message yesterday about the woman who still tries to walk everyday for 2 hours - who has time for that? I enjoy your blogs and am glad that I found you on Facebook! To good health!

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Safe and Social

The safest social activities to enjoy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To protect people from the COVID-19 virus, communities closed businesses, schools, and social venues. You and your family were likely stuck at home for days, weeks, or even months on end. While you may have seen your neighbors or co-workers during the lockdown, it was difficult to maintain a normal social life when restaurants, movie theaters, and bars weren’t open for business.

As communities are opening back up, you may be ready to hang out with friends and family again, but getting out and about is trickier than ever. After all, you want to relax and have fun, but you also want to protect yourself and others from infection.

COVID-19 is mainly spread through respiratory droplets that suspend in the air when someone talks, sneezes, or coughs. Being indoors and in close proximity increases the chances of inhaling infected droplets. Therefore, it’s safest to spend time with others outside, where the air disperses droplets. If you’re looking for social activities to do while staying safe from being infected, here are a few ideas.

Drive-In Movies

Some movie theaters are open again, but you may be hesitant to sit in a room with strangers for two hours. Drive-in movie theaters aren’t as popular as they once were, but they are making a comeback in some areas. To take advantage of this trend, some retail chains that don’t typically show movies are now offering drive-in movies in their parking lots in the evening. At a drive-in you can enjoy a movie or two while sitting in your own car or on your tailgate.

Outdoor Restaurant Seating

Studies show there’s risk of eating indoors with a crowd of other people. The air circulating in the restaurant may contain infected droplets that get passed around the restaurant. When eating outdoors on a patio where there is a breeze, you’re at a much lower risk of infection. So if the weather is good, meet up with friends at a restaurant that offers outdoor seating.


Your busy schedule may make it hard to find time to exercise and socialize. Why not combine the two? You may not be back at your gym, but you still need to be moving your body. A great way to stay motivated to exercise is by working out with a friend. Meet up to go for a walk or jog. Ride bikes, go kayaking, or go rollerblading. Take an outdoor fitness class together. And if you haven’t yet, talk with your trainer about online training!

Outdoor Sports

Social activities these days may take a little more planning and creativity. Get out and get sporty! Invite a few friends to meet you at the lake to go fishing, at the trails to go hiking, at the golf course for a round of golf, or at the tennis courts for a game of tennis.

Picnics or BBQ

Plan a gathering at a local park and have everyone bring their own picnic lunch. Pack your own food or pick up food from a local restaurant on the way. Reserve a pavilion with tables or bring lawn chairs or a blanket and enjoy the afternoon or evening together. Prefer to stay close to home? Invite a few friends over for a BBQ in your yard. Have everyone sanitize their hands before serving up food.


Maybe you want to spend the weekend with friends. Why not go camping together? Camping is a relatively low-risk activity. Pack up the tents, sleeping bags, and s’mores, and head to the woods and prepare to make lifelong memories. As you would elsewhere, set up your tents at least six feet apart and bring soap and hand sanitizer to disinfect shared surfaces.

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